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Christian Löffler
Germany - Ki Records / 2020 Vision
Christian Löffler is co-founder of Ki Records and well known for his intense, deep moving sound with melancholic undertones. He started to play music at the age of 14. But living in a secluded region near the Baltic Sea, without a musical surrounding, he had to teach himself the essentials of making electronic music. After several stunning releases for Ki and Orphanear, the imprint of Dial's co-founder Pawel, his debut 'A Forest' is now being released through Ki, receiving a huge amount of excellent reviews.
Thomash (Voodoohop)
Sao Polo - Voodoohop / Multi Culti
Thomash is a surprising figure on the Brazilian musical scene, dj and creator of the Voodoohop Party in São Paulo.
In exile in the country of Samba, Cologne born Thomash absorbed music like a sponge and transforms them blurring the frontier of styles and bpms.

Thomash’s music represents the perfect fusion between his country of origin, Germany and Brasil.
His style is a crafty unpretentious mix of slow techno, krautrock, deep house, latin rhythms and tropical

Brüxsel Jardin Records

The only name he could think of for his music. Because the heart is the vital source for one's being, emotions and sensibilities. Because every melody he composes comes straight from the heart. Because his organic sounds have a single aim and that is to make your heart race. His heart skips a beat every time he enters a club or a studio, be it as a sound engineer or partygoer. Coeur sounds like a melody but is not for the weakhearted so beware of his beats. His heart beats for Coeur. And so will yours.

Schemering & Dauw
Atmospheric, Deephouse, Dub, Bumm...

Dauw : condensation of atmospheric moisture in the morning or evening.
Schemering: the reflection of soft glowing light when the sun is below the horizon. These names complement as much as the duo's exquisite taste for refined house music. As real moodmakers they're always very passionate and determined to take people on a rhythmic journey covering a broad spectrum of emotions."
Shanto & Nataraj
Club Lite Amsterdam
Owner & Resident Deejay
Nataraj is the Cosmic Clubbin sensation from The Netherlands.
It plays a whole new sound wich isn't easy to describe. It's a variety of sounds from electro to world, from ambient to cross-over.
The latest and best music from every corner of the world. Global Trance is one of the labels that comes close to it.

Tape Tape Resident Deejay
Lawrens is born in Belgium in 1979. He Is a Deep & Tech house DJ / producer.
Lawrens will guide you on this journey with the best house tunes, a mystic blend of house & deep house unfolding on each branches of this magical forest
Urban C
No Clab
Born in 84’, belgian dj Urban C sneakers’ fan, considers himself as a ʻ music addict ʼ.
He loves hip hop, reggae,... rocks and obviously house music.
In 2005, when he first put his hands on Technics turnables, he knew he wasn’t going to leave them .
John D
Flow'In, Christian Louboutin, Tape Tape,
John Denis founded Idea Records in order to complete the ICE platform as a supporting tool for young artists in Electronic Music. The label philosophy is simple: helping young producers and DJs to release their music without depending on Major Label structures. The musical style of the releases is mainly Deep-Tech & House.

Greg Perissi
Zillion Beach
Unconditional music lover, it's in the 90s & specifically in 1993 that Greg accessed his first stage Dj at that time under the techno influences and Trance music.
Throughout the years and after gaining the experience he became resident at Zillion beach.

Having played in the biggest club in Belgium and France and the Netherlands he dedicated himself to private parties, cocktails, chic aperitif, evenings or concept and developed a Nu house Deep house musical style.
The G
Legendz Unlimited


The G is one of a few, spreading tunes since the 90 and still playing in all the biggest party of "La Cité Ardentes", Le Bar Des Congressistes & Le Cadran have made him a regular guest, spinning massive records for the pleasure of the party people. Involved, as dj but also as promoter, in the Liege's music scene now for more than 20 years. Been a part of the incredible "les ardentes and les transardentes festival" line up, Open Air for him means funky tracks so watch out !

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