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As a collective we care about our inner & related talents, through these many years of gathering we had a lot of chance to welcome many great artists, performers & teachers.



​Nessi Gomes

"Trying to describe Nessi Gomes is like trying to describe a new flavor that nobody has tried before... She completely captivates her audience until they are drinking in her words and eating out of the palm of her hand".
Luis Paniagua
voice, mythological Greek lyre

A marvelous concert of “New Ancestral Music”, composed by Luis Paniagua. Mystic spiritual music, without any concrete tradition or religion, that communicates directly with the soul, the being.


Renaud Crols

Renaud Crols learned to play the violin at the age of six and the guitar at the age of nine. At seventeen he made his debut at the Royal Conservatory of Liège and left with the First Prize in violin, in Chamber music and in music theory. Renaud's creative play includes world & ethnian music within.


Music to nourish heart and soul and bring a smile to your face. Inspired by nature, inspired by ayahuasca, music to dream to...



Nyna Loren
"A concert can be a simple entertainment, nice and light. But when the total commitment of an artist grabs you, then the aesthetic pleasure becomes existential experience. Nyna Loren's concerts offer to live these moments. A suspended time the intensity of a voice closer to the emotion is browse the recesses of our soul. "


The music of Mousai is a celebration, a celebration in song. Elke Delfosse, Marion Demanet, Patrik Niels, Mieke Polfliet, Steve Robbert & Conny Vercaigne invite us to join their chants, mantras & songs ... to reconnect our hearts ... to open doorways to our Divine source.



It's our intention to create a space to grow for those who listen. With these vibrations we want to awaken love & consciousness in all beings .



Jeska Onderwater

Jeska Onderwater is a Dutch singer-songwriter who writes songs from her heart and sings from her soul. She plays guitar and ukulele with which she accompanies her soft voice. Her music is mostly enjoyed in an intimate setting for an attentive audience.


Philippe Claudel & Hamri

HAMRI comes in a simple formula which the voice is accompanied only by the sound of guembri: space for Taha's words can find their resonances.



Younes & Carlo
Recently established in Brussels, the duo El & Berdaoui Strazzante brings together two musicians from different backgrounds, but that nourish a passion for Eastern art music. Oud, percussion and vocals, the duo interprets classical repertoire based on the maqam, founding concept of the Arab-Ottoman music, through various forms of expression of this music.


Johan Chitara
Johan Van Den Bossche °1961, is a guitar teacher in Flanders (Belgium),. The most recent 15 years he started to compose and improvise with more meditative and soundhealing purpose.  With his magical guitar he tries to be a troubadour of light...

Sui Mana
Music moves her heart, and that is felt in every note that she sings.

It is very easy to allow yourself to sink into this warm bath of music for the soul, and medecine for the heart.



a singer-songwriter presenting his most intimate prayers and Sacred songs by voice and classical guitar. The magical connection to the spiritual realms are rooted in the vibrations of the Rainforest and its Sacred ceremonies.

Roger Spees


Roger Spees is an intuitive pianist and flow composer. He is convinced that music is everywhere around us. By becoming mindful he lets music flow through him, intuitively inspired and guided by the moment, in alignment with his listeners and his surroundings.

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