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As a collective we care about our inner & related talents, through these many years of gathering we had a lot of chance to welcome many great artists, performers & teachers.


// Breathing Circle
Dance, Rhythm & Drum
with Michel Raji

Each breath is a Transmutation Circle, A transformative experience of Being that we are in life.
Solidary & Solidarity in a Joint Action and Union.

Here we revive the timeless wisdom of Dance & Drum Rituals, Leaving the Heart rhythm to breathe in Harmony


// Contact Impro & Dance Collaborating with Bar Altshuler


Bar Altshuler is a mover and young creator, currently living in Brussels (Belgium). Her main interest lies in the research of movement and its many connections to our personal life, both socially and individually.

She is now in the process of creating her own project, “Dancing Dharma”. Her aim is to express the Buddhist fundamentals through dance.


// Voice, Sound, Silence, Respiration & Meditation
with Luis Paniagua


Tuning of each one of the five vowels in one note, and other games and exercises of music with the voice.





// Tandava' and Taoists Healing Sounds with Dominique Bauduin
A 2 hours session of Meditation, Qi Nei Gong,
Shiva dance/Tandava. Heal and refine yourself becomes so natural! Deep breath, subtle movement, listen and experience how energy moves and releases knots, old believes and falses you with Tandava.
Practice spontaneous, natural and powerful way to open your heart, body and spirit through Vital Energy and Sound Healing.
// Vinyasa Yoga with
Delphine Notte

Since 2004, Delphine practice yoga. She trained as a teacher with Amrit Kaur (Huguette Declercq) and specializes in numerous workshops. Today she combines the discipline as a necessary part to his work of consciousness awakeners to bring the unity between  body, mind and spirit and in the internal conflicts of the mind and ego everyday.
// Voice Bath with Nessi Gomes


A therapy for your vocal cord, presented by Nessi Gomes






// Sacred Fire Ceremony & Spoken Transmission with Nina Wasi
Wim from the Nina Wasi  (Key Of Life) in Idegem will guide the Opening Ceremony with the Sacred Fire and share with us spoken insights on Native American Tradition
// Vocal Overtoning &
Mouth Harping with Surya
Embark in a journey with Surya is getting on board of the mouth sound mastering, through Mouth Harping or Overtoning Surya will guide you through an incredible inner discovery...




// Opening of the Heart with
Sui Mana
Coming back to breath...coming back to sound...

sinking into beautiful melodies of (ancient & modern) mantras...sinking into our hearts...


a circle to remember the sacred, lift our spirit, raise our vibration, an opportunity to pause, reflect, release, come to peace ... Coming back to oneness & Be welcome to co-create


// Sophrology with Thomas Piperidis

Relaxation therapy is an invitation to psycho conscience.
Come & awaken yourself to the relaxation therapy, 2hours essentially based on group practice where Thomas will invite you with simple exercises to discover or rediscover your consciousness and that of others.
// PaintGround with Fred
Frederick Michielsen or 'Fred' is an artist. He has a fascinating personal style: a detailed, figurative strong and very colorful painting technique.
He will propose interactive painting and work with color. Create your world and share it with others by laughing!

"Imagination is more important than Knowledge"-Albert Einstein


// Human Design with Jean Giltay

Introduction to an holistic view of the world

All living beings are part of a single holistic field and therefore all of us continually interact with each other and the world around us. Human Design uses your birth data (the date, time and place of birth) to calculate your Rave Chart. Through an analysis of this chart you can see different aspects of yourself: What is fixed and reliable within you. It offers tools and strategies how to operate and how to make healthy decisions in your life.

// 9 purifications breathing, Yoga Nejang and meditation workshop with Justine Volvert
According Tradtionnal Tibetan medicine, we have 3 main energies inside the body. We gonna harmonise them with these 9 breath. After that, we gonna go into the Yoga Nejang. Yoga Nejang is a medicinal yoga coming for the medicine Bouddha teaching. It consists on some inspirations, retentions of breath, movements/stimulations and expirations. It stimulates the whole organs body and energy bringing some freshness, clear sensation in the body and mind. After these nice preparation the mind will be more calm and we gonna go into meditation practice.


// Gudrun Vancoillie - Co-creation of a decalcomania painting
My art is the result of a discovery of my inner life through meditation. I followed the impulse of my subconsciousness.
At first the act of painting  resembled a volcano, then the stream followed a smoother path .
It is a journey, an adventure. It is my road to a prosperous and fulfilled life.







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